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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-School Meet and Greet

Everyday since we bought Johnny's backpack he has asked me if he could go to school. Finally a day came when he got to go to school and meet his teachers and new friends.

And this was his reaction to seeing his new classroom!

And it didn't take long for him to dig right into all of the toys

His teachers also made the rounds to meet and talk to all of the kids.

Lily made herself very comfortable in the classroom, you would think she was starting school.

Here is Johnny's other teachers introducing herself.

Johnny meet lots of friends, and played with this little boy for most of the visit, but when I ask him who his friends are he can't tell me their names.

Papa, Grams and Sammi came to meet the class too, we are a family who supports each other!

Look at that big boy standing in front of the calender all ready for his school to start!

Some time feeding all of us lunch.

And then some time playing Daddy.

He is so excited to go to school, it took a lot of work to get him home after the meet and greet!

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