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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget

I was a junior in high school, it seems like a whole different world to me now.

It was any other day, we had not been living in Maryland long, my mom was still unpacking boxes. My dad was still in training for his new government job and was scheduled to tour the Pentagon that day, but for some reason told only me that he wouldn't be there until the afternoon. It is still odd in my head how clear my dad was in telling me something I didn't care about, as a cranky teenager.

Some time in the morning rumors started to circular about a bombing in New York, but how did that effect us a few hours away? Then I walked into Ms. O's class, which is my computer course and the news was on the television. No one talked to each other, all we did was stare at TV. When it came on that a plane had also hit the pentagon, I had one moment of panic and then a deep breath that I KNEW my dad was not there. But my poor mother did not have that knowledge and she could not reach my father becuase training did not stop and he didn't even know about the attach until lunch. Even though he wasn't released from training he drove home, he knew his family needed him.

This is what made my generation what it is. Both Shawn and I joined the Army AFTER 9-11. We knew what we where getting into, but we had pride for our country and wanted to protect it from this, our home, our way of life!

I will never forget sitting with my parents in the basement for hours watching the news. As a teenager I sat quietly with my parents praying in my heart not knowing what the world would look like when the dust settled.

We Will Never Forget!

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