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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lazy Saturday

We had a wonderfully slow start to the day.  After breakfast and some cartoons we did not do much, but the day felt full and fun.

After we finally got dressed around 10 am the kids headed out to help Papa with the yard, but got distracted.  Johnny had to bring in the paper and Lily had to feed the cat!

Any time the camera comes out Johnny wants to make "silly faces for Daddy because Daddy loves silly faces." So there it is Daddy...Johnny's silly face.

Hercules enjoying breakfast.

The kids finally got around to helping Papa trimming the vines in the front yard....

...but that did not last long, when the kids cousins arrived for a day of play!  But I will leave that for Grams to post on :)

I don't post much on my parents foster son, but I want it to be clear that we all love him!!!  He came to live with my parents about 2 months ago.  He was born 6 weeks before he should have been and was already addicted to drugs.  He has more then doubled his weight here and has thrived! We dread the day he will go to others to be raised, but for now we are enjoying every cuddle of this precious little heaven sent gift.

The morning was going great, playing outside, watching TV and generally enjoying the company of family.  But right before lunch, in a matter of 10 minutes, Lily went from literally running in circles to curled up on the floor, refusing to eat, and crying needing to be held as she went mostly limp.


Would you be concerned, we are.  She was fine for 2 fulls days and then it happened again, why? No fever, no vomiting, nothing like that.  But she just was not her self.

She was like that until dinner.  She ate dinner, but was very tired after that.

My little monkey is always happy, no matter what!

Discovery the joy of education game systems.

And, as it often does, our day ended with a trip to time out....I wish that little boy would at least pretend like he was being punished.


S.Boulan said...

You are such a loving Mommy To Johnny and Lilli. keeping you in our prayers. Luv u much.

Natalie said...

Johnny smiling in timeout is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh! love you (and him!)