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Monday, August 4, 2008

Hershey and cuddles

So we have been in Maryland for 4 days now and it kinda feels like we never left. I forgot how wonderful it was to have Ella, Thomas and Natalie right across the street and Grams and Pops right down the hall. I am always learning and feeling more and more wonderful about being a Mommy each and everyday. Shawn and I make a lot of sacrifices ( a whole lot!!) so that I can be a stay at home mom and I appreciate each one of those more and more. Each smile that Johnny saves just for me is amazing, and takes my breath away. Cloth diapers, organic formula, home made baby food...Moms who do these things always seemed so stuffy and judgemental to me, but now I see, it just makes me feel good to do it for him, I think it is more about me really, feeling good doing it, then the gifts I am giving to his life. I have been feeling unhealthy lately and having trouble losing weight. My mom recommends I see a nutritionist and I am leaning and learning more and more towards organic and more natural foods, more veggies and less red meat and sweets...which sucks since our trip to Hersey World today was so much fun!!!

So now that I am done with my Mommy rambles I will update. Grams, Pops, Johnny and me took Ella to Chocolate World in Hersery PA today. We had the greatest time. Pops let me go into the Y to get Ella from school. She has been so excited to see me each time that she runs to me and opens her arms wide. I love that. I will upload some pictures tomorrow. Grams and me are going to go get some yarn for my soon to be nephew and just spend some nice time together. It is nice to be home for a little while, But we miss Shawn so much!!!!

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Natalie said...

Shawn, we know you must miss your family very much. Thank you so much for letting us spend this time with them! I hope we will get to visit with YOU soon as well!