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Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Vacation pictures

Johnny's first ride on a carousal, on the National Mall in DC.

He wouldn't keep those shoes on!! He went bare foot all day. Look at that little belly.

Our Day at Hersery was long :)

Uncle Chuckles and Aunt Shel at Cousin Ella's Birthday party

At the ESPN zone in the Inner Harbor after our very nice dinner for Grams and Pop's 35th wedding anniversary.

Our visit has been a lot of fun and very busy. Johnny has been sleeping a lot the past two days, I guess to catch up on all the busy days. I pray it is not a growth spurt. My 4th month old is as big as the average 1 year old!!!

Grams, Pops and cousin Ella are taking "Jack" to Ohio this week end and giving Mommy a break to hang out with Thomas and Natalie, and get some knitting done :) "Jack" and Ella are going to see Great Grandpap Dennison who has had a brush with a few heart attacks this past week, thank god for his pace maker! We have been praying and praying for a quick recovery and to have him for many years to come.


Tim and Tara said...

Okay, we totally giggled at that pic of him sacked out on the couch with his lil' belly hanging out for like 10 minutes. That is too darn cute! Tim said it looks like him when he's on vacation! Can't wait to see ya'll next week and love on that chunky little monkey!

Natalie said...

Hey Jenn! It was the 30th anniversary! You said it in your speech, remember? :)

Anonymous said...

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