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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big and great

I just thought I would write a little to let all know that there is nothing really to write about.

It feels like Johnny is getting bigger everyday and more intelligent, learning at every corner. He is starting to make step motions with his legs when you holding him standing by his arms and is on his belly and off and back on all day. He rolls both direction and to and off his belly as he pleases. I love it!!! He is going to get some beets today, and in a few weeks bananas (Daddy Monkey is very excited!!!) He makes motions to start crawling, but I don't doubt he will skip that all together. He is a happy baby, who just makes noise when he isn't so happy, but also makes a lot of noise when he is. He spends half the night with us now, but Shawn doesn't mind. We are still messing with his sleeping sceduale, he doesn't want to sleep during the day, too much excitement.

Shawn has taken on being the Training NCO for his company now, so is really busy at work, but it means he has a lot of positive attention from his command, so E-5 isn't far away, and he might end up as the Platoon SGT, eventually. I think he enjoys the purpose and being needed. He knows what he is doing.

The Dennison's are in Gettysburg this week end and we all wish we could be there too, but we are spending our four day cleaning out closets and going to the gym. We are looking forward to Michele's baby shower in Ohio and meeting baby Wyatt. We are thinking of Tara and baby Kat all the time, I know how great it will be to have these two babies so close in age to Johnny, he will always have friends!!!! We are praying and thinking of Grandpap everyday since he is still in the hospital, having minor heart attacks, and being shocked back, and we pray that the doctors can figure out how to make this better so he can be comfortable and golf again...oh ya so we have him for a few more years!!

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Tim and Tara said...

You, me, The KitKat, The Monkey Man, and the hubbies... Disney... 2014... lol or somewhere thereabouts...

It's a date! :o)