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Saturday, August 23, 2008

feeling better

Look how big? Why can't he just always need us. I already feel as if he doesn't anymore, then again, who would make his bottle and not being feed just wouldn't settle with our Gorrila.
So we are both beginning to feel better. Shawn has given me a few breaks, taking care of Johnny at night and getting up with him. Yesterday he came home early and took care of Johnny so I could take a nap. We are getting settle back at home and I have been cleaning and organizing constantly.

I got to go through all of Johnny's cloths and his new stuff that he had that WHERE too big, and reorganize his closet. This outfit is a nine month, that I bought before he was born, thinking he would wear it around Christmas, HA! But he really has a lot of cute stuff now! I love dressing him up.

Shawn is at work today, and tomorrow and the rest of the week until the 4 day week end, that sucks, but that is okay, just more to toss into the getting promoted fire.

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