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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin farm

So Johnny really loves his cousin!!! He is always looking at her and giving her his toys. He we see his want to play with his Cousin Ella.

Look closerly...Papa..."Jack"...Ella...and Grams

Out of the bitter barn and into the hay...he like it at first, but it got poky :)

Uncle Tommy and the hat eating nephew

The Hay ride, around the pumpkin patch, sitting with Papa and watching the strangers.

Our adorable Johnny sized pumpkin (and a little baby wearing)

So this week end was a lot of fun!!! We went to a local farm to make scarcrows, find pumpkins, take a hay ride and just spend time together. It was a beautiful day and Johnny was good. We discovered how much he loves his cousin and had some happy family time.

Johnny spent some extra time with Uncle Chuckles and Aunt Shell trying out Baby Wyatt's toys and helping out in his nursery. They are doing great and the room is beautiful. We can't wait to meet baby cousin Wyatt.

Johnny also got to spend some extra time with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Natalie (while mommy got to play with Ella and relax) banging on pots and laughing. He helped Aunt Natalie make pasta and rolled on the floor with Uncle Tommy, he loved it...really he was so happy.

I will be sad when we go back to Kansas. I hope and pray that our family will always be close. That Johnny will always have his aunts and uncles and always be friends with his cousins. It is wonderful to have people in your life that you always know will be there and love you...no matter what.

Speaking of which...we love you Shawn and we miss you so so so much. I will be sad to leave but I am looking forward to being with you again...I am always yours.


Jen said...

Love the pictures! Is that a Moby Wrap you are wearing?!

We missed our day at the pumpkin farm because all 3 of mine got sick. Hopefully next weekend!

Tim and Tara said...

How fun! Loving your pigtails LOL

Johnny looks completely adorable... he should be out selling baby food or something LOL