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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why we reorganized the living room


Before and after what, we will never know. Johnny was playing in his swing, 5 steps from mommy, I looked away and looked back and he had flipped himself out of his swing (in which he was buckled) with no noise!!! no cries!!! and no warning at all!!!! He was happy out of it, playing with the bottom of the swing. We will never know the powers this ninja has!!!


Jen said...

Be careful! Before you know it he will figure out how to open the front door and you will be chasing him down the street! Alex is already watching me when I open the front door! I am afraid it won't be too much longer! He even knows how to move stuff so he can climb and get to something! Johnny is a smart little man!

Grams said...

That's the Branson in him. Can't wait to see you 4 days!

Tim and Tara said...

ROFL that's pretty funny... silly Johnny!