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Friday, October 31, 2008

Our First Halloween!!!

Our Little Stinker!!!

Our First House!!!!
Got tired and into the stroller we go

But THIS IS ummmmmmmmmm
We had a very nice Halloween!!! Our adorable little stinker was the hit of housing, everyone loved him. He was well not fussy and enjoyed Mommy carrying him around for most the night. He made out okay, (not as well as I remember Halloweens being) Our friends Jerome, Kelly and Jimmy came to visit and trick or treat with us, have dinner and watch a movie. It is nice to spend Holidays with friends, though we miss Daisy Duck and our family!!!

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Grams said...

Did he get any Cheerios?! We miss you Stinker. next year you'll be Trick or Treating with Daisy Duck & Wyatt too!!