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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Super mobile

Isn't this the most beautiful smile ever?

This is what happens when you are only 50% mobile

almost :)

Johnny is moments away from getting up and running away :( okay maybe not that bad, but I have spent the last three days baby proofing the living room and kitchen. Moving books from the bottom shelf of the book self to the closet and putting Johnny's toys there (since he kept removing Shawn's books and chewing on them) and then adding my craft stuff to that closet because Johnny likes my yarn! No matter what I put up to how much I vacuum he tends to go past his own toys to find pencils and whatfore :)


Jen said...

I love his little outfit! He looks like a little jailbird trying to bust out from under that chair. He will ALWAYS want everything he is not suppose to have (yarn, PAPER, mommy & daddy's books, etc) over his toys. I JUST got done putting all mine to bed because they ate half the manual to my sewing machine, and I have NO idea how they got it!

Tim and Tara said...

Hey the whole finding things trick could be a good thing...

Where are my keys? *puts baby on the floor*

Wait an hour... then check his pockets LOL