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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Change of Plans

Johnny saying hi to Lucas, Aunt Kimmy's cat, they really liked each other.

Johnny helping Daddy play Uno, as Daddy, Grandma Sharon, Grandpa George and Mommy spent about 2 hours playing these games.

This afternoon Aunt Kimmy took Johnny (and Mommy and Daddy) to Toys R Us to see what Johnny wanted for Christmas and discovered that Johnny likes bikes and look how big he is!

After dinner Aunt Kimmy and Johnny made a ginger bread train! It was all very cute and a lot of fun, especially eating the icing!

Though the train didn't want to stand up all the way, it still looked pretty good.

Johnny loves his family! Kisses for Grandma Sharon.

I think by now word has gotten around about the crazyness that was our trip to Chicago. We had plane tickets to leave Baltimore Saturday morning, but Friday as Mommy looked to check in on line we discovered that our flight had been canceled 24 hours in advance, because the forcast said it might snow. In retrospect Baltimore did get 16 inches of snow on Saturday, but on Friday looking at clear skies we where pretty annoyed. So after much talking and a lot of help from Grams and Pops we hopped in our car and the 12 hour car trip started. The entire thing was more stressful in thought then it was in reality. We stopped at Aunt Cookies in Ohio and had a nice sleep and then some quality time, then back on the road and made it safe and sound to Chicago. It has been nice seeing family we hadn't seen in a year. I will write more on the rest tomorrow.

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Grams said...

We were glad to help. Give the big boy a hug and kiss from Grams & Pops XO