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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enjoying our Vacation

We have been having a great time visiting with GG, Grandma Sharon, Grandpa George and Auntie Kimmy here in Chicago for the past 4 days. Johnny has really settled into his family here and has been showing them all what a good little boy he is and how amazying his personality is. The first night we where here Johnny ate a whole bunch of brocoli and really impressed GG. Since then he has been helping out around the house including cleaning up and making dinner and really impressing Grandma Sharon. When he eats like Cookie Monster and makes "nom nom" noises Aunty Kimmy thinks it is amazying and he has been playing catch with Grandpa George.

Monday Johnny, Daddy and I went to Navy Peer in downtown Chicago to play in Winter Wonderland, a huge indoor Christmas themed center with lots of rides and games for everyone...especially Johnny. He and Mommy and Daddy had a great time. We where very impressed with Johnny and how much he was able and willing to do and try. He loved the bouncy houses, just didn't understand when the time was up that he had to leave. He even got the point of standing in line like a good boy.

This was the first ride we tried, Daddy took Johnny up to the top and slide down with him. Johnny's mouth and eyes got huge and he laughed the entire time...not for one second was he scared.

These candy cane shaped tunnels where the frist step into the play area for kids his size, under 46 inches. At first he wasn't sure he wanted to go into them, but once Daddy chased him through once he got the point and did laps. I was so proud of how he was with the other kids. He waited his turn and stepped aside when other kids came running through. He didn't get upset when one of them knocked him down and he was mostly careful not to knock any of them down.

This was King of the Mountain and when I realized I no longer had a baby that needed me to hold his hand, but a big boy ready to try the world on his own. This was the first area Mommy or Daddy couldn't go into, and was just fine without us. He acually almost got to the top of the mountain, but loved how he could take really big steps on the bouncy floor and fall down laughing.

This area was Daddy's favorite. It was a snow ball fight with really light foam balls. You just go in and throw the balls, where ever. However Johnny loved to give the balls to other people.

Big bean bag pillows in the snow ball fight area.

The special treat of the day was this funnel cake sunday with strawberry sauce. Johnny only needed Daddy's help for this first bite, then he dug right in using a spoon like a big boy.

And Johnny's suviner, a blinkin binky. Of course it is not orthodonically approved, or safe really, but it is really fun for a few minutes at a time. Maybe not the best choice of toy for a toddler trying to get rid of his binky, but still so much fun for all of us!.

I have a video of the decorations around the Navy Peer that made this winter wonderland come alive, but it is kinda long and I having trouble loading it. I will try it later.

Yesterday Grandma Sharon and GG came with us to the big mall 45 mins away so Johnny could see Santa, but the line was at least 1.5 hours long, we waited for a little while, but Johnny wasn't really into it and he had already told Santa that he wants a new Elmo doll, so we let him play instead. This area in the mall was so cool, EVERYTHING was made out of super safe and bouncy foam, so the kids could climb on anything and run and play with little worry. Johnny really loves playing with other kids and trying new things...he is so amazying.

We are having a great time on our Christmas vacation and Christmas day gets closer and closer. We miss our family in Maryland and today is cousin's Wyatt's first birthday! We are sorry we aren't there, but we left some special presents for the little man. We love you Wyatt!

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