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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow and Santa

Yesterday we finally got around to taking Johnny to see Santa at our local mall. Johnny has gained a little stranger danger, but did really well!!! He ran right up to him intent on giving him a hug, but then realized he didn't know this person and slowed down. Johnny told Santa he wanted an Elmo fro Christmas and that he had been a good boy all year long and Santa was VERY sweet!

I had wanted to use this picture for our chrismtas cards, but I didn't like that he wasn't smiling (since his smile is so amazying!) so we tried the below pictures at Grams and Pops house (since there decorations are always nice and the snow yesterday was beautiful) but all the pictures I got of him where he smiled where fuzzy...grrrr...but the picture with Santa is everyone's favorite anyways :)

After we introduced Johnny to the snow by trying to take a picture, he found it very amusing and wanted to play outside! He was almost baffled by it all, looking around and pointing to it telling all of us about the wet cold stuff that was falling from the sky.

As a side note we got our yearly family ornament...oh my god isn't it cute? Momma bear, Daddy bear, bump for unknown baby bear and a Johnny toddler bear! Aren't we cute?

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Grams said...

you are very cute! Sure wish we could understand jack's language