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Monday, January 11, 2010

Lily's Loot

It is a tradition in our little family that we go out and get something special for a fetus right after the big ultrasound and sex determined. So after Shawn and I left our ultrasound last week we went to target and got this adorable animal sleeper for our Lily. I am a big one for keepsakes and keeping memories as long as possible. Johnny still has his Pooh Bear gown and cap that we bought when we knew he was safe and healthy and a boy.

Our favorite part was the fuzzy sheep feet :)

And this is the loot! Thank goodness for Samantha, who will be about 11 months older then Lily, therefore all of her season cloths will be perfect for Lily and her parents and grandparents keep everything so nice! She already has a ton of cloth, and the infant bath tub. Grams and Pops went out and bought her new bottles and binkies (Soothie this time, since I do plan on nursing most of the time, at least during the day) and this adorable binkie holder tether that makes the binkie look like it is a big flower around her mouth!

Speaking of binkies and big boys, Johnny has been learning to give his binkie up. He is down to using it just at naps and bed time and next week we planning on going less on that as well. He is such a good boy and has been loving helping out around the house, and cleaning up after himself. After each meal he puts his plate in the sink without being asked! He listens real well and does as he is told, most of the time. Every day he amazes me more and more with how smart and create he is. He has a new toy from Santa, Little People. The are these plastic people without legs that fit into various houses and cars and other stuff. Johnny got a bus, an animal train, a school house and a yard with blocks and a bunch of people. He really gets that they are people and loads them into the bus or train then "vrooms" it around, even "choo choos" with the train. In this cold winter though we have learned that he has minorly sensitive skin. He started getting itchy rashes under his hair and down his back, belly, and face. The Dr says it is just a reaction to the cold dry winter. He has been getting washed less, lotioned more and benydrl some nights. It seems to be controlled well enough, though the red bumbs and spots on his face keep coming back, he is a real trooper!

On a brother sister note, I have been having trouble adjusting to having two children. What is said is true, there is always enough love and when we found out we where having a second baby I loved her immediately, with no question and there was enough love for both, attention is another thing. I have been planning a lot of knitting projects for Lily, aside from her come home set, there are tons of patterns for dresses and dolls, and bonnets and ruffle butt diapers that I have been dieing to try, but the items I have made for Johnny have always been limited. A monkey doll is best I have made for him. I started a cable cartiagn hoody for him for his birthday, but I always want them to feel equal and know that I love them the same. The knitting projects is just the start. I have always wanted a daughter, but one daughter would have never been enough and I never want Johnny to feel like he isn't as special to me because he is a boy, I want us to keep having the connection we have now! He will always be my first born and son, more special to me then I ever thought something could be and in our own way as, mother and son I have found out who I really am and I see more of myself in his eyes. I wish I was better with words. There is more in my love for Johnny that I hope he can always feel. and I hope this makes sense to both of them one day. I feel so blessed to have two healthy happy children who will always be with me!

I think that is a full update for now. I promise a Christmas post this week :)

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Grams said...

You can never love them "the same" because they are individuals. Don't try so hard, I know you love them both and will be a wonderful and fair mother. If not I won't mind straightening you out. Love Ya Cupcake!