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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Outing with Ella and an Update

There isn't a whole lot new going on around here, but I thought it was time for a new blog post and some pictures.

On Monday we got to spend the morning with Ella, Sam and their parents. We bought some books, then went to a really cool pet store and then to a local park. It was a nice relaxing day spent with family and playing.

Johnny enjoyed seeing all of the unique animals, the big birds, snakes and lizards! This snake really reacted to him and stood straight up, Johnny loved it!

And of course fish are always fun!

And then to the park!Daddy thought it was a good idea to chase Johnny through the grounds around the park, this was the outcome...still he had a lot of fun!

Things have been going very well here. Mommy is "nesting" and we have been cleaning all the junk out of Lily's room. Grams bought us some great pink tulle layered curtains and a crib skirt, we are going to use them to pick a shade of pink for the walls, and we are trying to find some lily wall decals that will go onto the bumpy walls without damaging them. We have also been cleaning up and out Johnny's room, preparing to move all of his baby furniture into Lily's room and get him a new bed and storage of some sort. We also moved our extra TV into Johnny's room, against Mommy's better judgment. It is a temporary thing, for now it is in there to entertain him while Mommy works on Lily's room and so Johnny can play his new learning video game that Grams and Pops got him for Christmas.

He is at an amazing age! He is an amazying kid! His mind is sucking up everything you show him and his vocab has been growing like crazy. He loves to read books and can point out many animals, letters, numbers, sounds, and textures! He helps out around the house, actually demands to help out around the house.

Mommy is no longer watching Chloe. For the past year Chloe (2.5 years) has been a part of our daily lives...she even spent the night for Johnny's first birthday. Johnny really loves playing with her, calling out her name and searching for her. She was a good girl, but Mommy needs to focus on Lily and Johnny. I really hope Johnny always remembers all the fun times we had with her.

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Grams said...

I hope they grow up to be friends :)