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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Say hello to Lily Jean Branson, Johnny's little sister and our Little Cupcake!!! 19 week ultrasound today went beautifully and she is 10 ounces and everything is working and developing very smoothly!

It was another one of those wonderful days where you realize and feel what is really going on. She started moving nearly three weeks ago and the kicks and movements have become stronger every day, but today watching her on the screen and seeing each part of her, from her legs to her finger, her heart, her spine, everything...it was over whelming. It is all real, we are really having another baby, we are really having a daughter. Daddy spent the day thinking about how real she finally is and said it more then once. Mommy spent the day on the phone with Grams planning out her nursery (antique white and pink...lots of ruffles, and Lilys!) and what Mommy will knit for her to come home from the hospital in (a cupcake bean hat, ruffle blankly, and antique white gown.) We even started a small registry on Amazon.com, more of a list of what we still need. She is real, and now we really start planning and organizing to welcome her into our lives.

The beanie hat Momma is going to make Lily to come home from the hospital in!


Grams said...

Can't wait to meet the newest little Cupcake!

Jen said...

How exciting!!!

Eric said...