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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing in the Snow

Johnny woke up from his nap and realized it had snowed! He went to the door and stood there for a while, just watching the snow fall. Then he started trying to open the door saying "cold, cold, cold." He wouldn't leave it alone. Mommy and Daddy where not ready to go outside...but Johnny was. So we gathered all of his cold weather gear and Daddy and Johnny went on an adventure to the snowy unknown.

Johnny in layer 3 waiting and impatiently wanting to get outside. The layers are as follows
1: socks, diaper and thermal long sleeve shirt
2: full fleece sleeper
3: Elmo hoody, Mommy knit snake scarf, and Daddy's military issue hat
4: double lined snow pants, jacket, boots and mittens

Look Mommy SNOW

Favorite part of the snow is running in it. All he really wanted to do was walk and run and laugh.

Shaking snow from the trees.

Going extra fast down our little slide, right into the snow.

Little red face! It took a lot of arguing to get Johnny to come inside. He would have spent all day out there in the cold. But eventually the call of iced animal crackers and juice was too much to ignore.

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