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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

35 Weeks and all is Right on Track

Just a quick Lily update. Our due date is very rapidity approaching and we are getting more excited and more nervous every day! We had our big 35 week check up today, so we all went to the midwife appointment together. After an exam we now know that Mommy is not dilated, but beginning to soften, which means we will probably get to our due date, but we are right on track. We had to have an ultrasound to make sure Lily was head down and in the right position...which she is! No more breached baby fears! So in short everything is going great!

This past week end Shawn and I went to our birthing class together. It was a wonderful experience. I felt like it brought Shawn and I closer and laid out what Shawn's roll will be during labor and helped us make plans for the event. Everything is starting to get real and it is hitting me that labor is getting closer and closer and I am really going to have to do this again, oh crap! I started freaking out again. We are planning on going more natural then we did with Johnny, avoiding induction or pitocin or any pain medication at all. Actually the hospital now has a labor tub suite that I have requested, so we plan on using hydrotherapy to help with the pain. But up until today it was all just a distant plan, today it became real and next week when I hit 37 weeks I will be considered full term! and ready for her to come out at any time. As a good labor partner and daddy to be Shawn helped me out a lot today reminding me that I handled labor and delivery just fine last time, when I had little idea of what to expect. With a second baby everything in my body knows and is prepared to do it all again. Labor is suppose to go quicker and be easier, we can do this! It is only a day or two out of a life time we will have. And after we will have our Lily girl and our family will be whole. I can't wait for Johnny to meet his little sister!

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Natalie said...

Jen, maybe you don't remember your labor that well because you have blocked it out, but I remember and I am not worried at all! You did AWESOME! You were a WARRIOR! Unflappable, in control, total butt-kicker. You will do great--I am positive!!!