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Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter this year was so much fun! Easter bunny basket, church and an egg hunt and family dinner!

The Easter Bunny may have gone a little overboard this year.

Even though the Easter bunny didn't hide the basket, it still took Johnny a few minutes to realize where it was and what he was suppose to do with it. But once he did he dug in and had a blast!

He got a new dinosaur and an elephant, he picked each off the basket carefully and held on to them for the rest of the morning...if the basket just had these two in it, he would have been happy.


And his chocolate turtle. Every time he found a new candy or food item he would ask for it to be opened, chew on it a little and then hand it back. Also Johnny didn't want to wear the blue bunny ear head band from his basket, so Momma put on the bunny ear hat she made him...so he is festive.

Daddy (in his Christmas jammies) helped Johnny sort through everything else, showing him these new little dinosaurs.

He really enjoyed this chocolate flavored duck! And see he wants to share. But he ate half of this before moving on.

Of course he got the traditional kite, which Daddy was very excited about and has been checking the wind each day this week waiting for a good day to show Johnny how it works.

He is just a pretty pretty boy!

The Doodle Pro was something Johnny asked the Easter Bunny for and has been a clean and safe drawing toy.

After a morning of playing and eating chocolate we got dressed up and headed to meet Grams and Pops for Easter Mass. Mommy and Grams got this adorable sailor suit and saddle shoes for his fresh start this spring.

Johnny is a good boy, but he has a lot of energy. We tried to take him to the church child care but someone closed the door and it locked and no one knew. Johnny sat with us for a little bit. It was frustrating but we all understood why he wouldn't sit still, Daddy and Papa took turns walking outside with him. He was very happy to have so much of his family all together.

Our sweet little family outside after Mass.

After Church we headed home for a nap and preparing for everyone to come over for an egg hunt and Easter dinner.

Ella quickly showed Johnny how to hunt for hidden eggs and they had so much fun.

Look at them go, they where very quick at finding the eggs, which is good because the chocolate in the eggs was melting.

Grams and Pops where very helpful in making sure the kids found all of the eggs!

Grams and Pops got Johnny his first bike as an Easter gift. Daddy put it together while we played and waited for dinner to be ready.

This bike is very cool, Johnny can peddle and use it like a normal trike, or there are foot rests and we can just push him, OR the handle rolls underneath it so he can practice peddling and use it like a rocking horse! Johnny was excited to get on it, but still hasn't mastered the peddling part.

Finally dinner was ready!

Ella and Johnny helped to set the table with candy, so everyone had a sweet start to the meal.

For dinner we had honey glazed spiral ham, mashed potatoes, home made macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and then dessert was a special derby pie and lemon merrang pie! Everything was so yummy and it was nice for all of us to sit together and enjoy it.

After dinner Papa took Johnny and Samantha to the park in our little wagon.

SOOOOOO much fun! Everyone hung around and played, blew bubbles, played "Easter Bunny" and watched a little TV. It was a wonderful day! I love making memories with our family.

What we did miss was Charlie, Michele and Wyatt who stayed in Ohio this year. We will see them in just a few weeks, but we thought about them all day. The Easter Bunny left three very large chocolate bunnies at Aunt Nenni's house for the three able to eat chocolate kids and we are saving all three for when Wyatt can enjoy them with us.

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