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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is Here!!!

The past week we have seen lots of rain and then lots of sunshine!! We are opening windows and going to the park...SPRING IS HERE!! and we are loving it!!!

Last Friday night Ella spent the night with us and we did lots of fun stuff...including planting some veggie and flower seeds!

Ella picked out watermelons, corn, and peppers to plant. They both loved playing in the dirt and putting seeds and plant food in the pots. (we aren't suppose to plant anything that we want to eat in the ground because of the chemical testing here on post...scary!)

Saturday morning we got all set up and dyed some eggs! I was surprised how much Johnny enjoyed it, jumped right in!

and we knew Ella would love to paint some glitter on her eggs!

But putting one egg in each cup and waiting just was not good enough for Johnny, he wanted all of the cups and an egg for each, then he started moving them around, so each egg hit each cup for a few seconds.

Really it was very exciting.

When Ella was a baby and toddler her tongue never stayed in her mouth. But the older she gets the better she is about keeping it in, except when she is thinking very hard! and that is why I love this picture of her so much, she looks like baby Ella again, at least for a moment.

Ella's beautiful eggs!
Johnny is half naked because there was a big warning on the side of the box that said this stuff would stain! and he was in it up to his elbows and splashing it around!

Johnny's very colorful eggs!

The proof that the box was right and this stuff stains! But it washed off by the time he went to bed that night.

Somehow Mommy was so focused on Johnny's birthday, that the fact that Easter was fast approaching slipped my mind. Johnny wasn't a big fan of the Easter Bunny. We took him four separate times. The first two just so he could see the Easter Bunny and get used to him. Each time he would get excited "Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny" from the moment we pulled into the mall parking lot until we got one inch from the Easter Bunny and then he wanted "up up" in Mommy or Papa's arms and "bye bye, go go go, outside" to leave the Easter Bunny. Today we took Ella and Sammi with us so Johnny could see how to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap and that it was okay. It didn't go horrible, he sat there, but he wasn't all that happy about it. I promise better pictures in his adorable sailor outfit this Sunday!

On the way home we enjoyed the 70 degree weather and opened the windows, Johnny enjoyed it too.

Here our at least half Maryland boy got his first pair of flip flops (that he will keep on) and like any Maryland kid he wears them with jeans...all year round, but especially in the spring.

We are so relieved to have the nice weather and be getting out of the house, we are meeting and chatting with out neighbors and letting the fresh air breath through the house. Papa also came over this week and helped us out a lot getting our yard back together after the fence people (who no body official can seem to get a hold of) tore up our yard bad! We now have grass seed down and mulch and a much prettier and more comfy place for Johnny and Ella and probably our neighbor kids to play in!!! Yeah for warm weather!!

As far as Lily is concerned we are now 32 weeks pregnant, she seems to be okay in there. Mommy is getting very big and round! Lily must be losing space to move around because her kicks and movements are much more painful to Mommy and Mommy is starting to lose her breath much quicker, more heartburn and more trips to the potty. But we are getting more and more excited every day...we are now just 2 MONTHS from meeting our little Cupcake!

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