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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potty Training Day 2

8 am, Off to a great start! Johnny woke up around 7:30 with a wet diaper, but no poo poo. Twice between 7:30 and 8 Johnny asked to go potty just for us to sit there. But at 8 am it was like a well oiled machine...."Momma Potty" and we went to the potty and he peed, A LOT!!!

9 am, I found a puddle on the tile but I can't decide if it is an accident or something was spilled. We where upstairs for most of the last hour and pee pee hitting the tile would have made enough noise for me to hear. Either way it is not a big deal, accidents are to be expected, but we will be headed to the potty every 15 minutes again instead of waiting for him to tell me.

9:15 am, headed to sit on the potty and he didn't throw a fit or anything. We where reading books and a little pee came out in the toilet and his little face lit up, then it was like a light came on and his mind said "oh ya that is what I am suppose to do here" and he let a bunch out. But he wanted to keep reading books so we sat there for a little while longer reading books.

10 am, I have noticed he is leaking more without noticing today, he is drinking more today then yesterday, which would account for it.

10:30 am, after throwing a fit and sitting in time out for the first time over going potty he finally peed again on the potty. He knows what to do and isn't emptying his bladder on the floor, just leaking a little now and then.

11 am, he still hasn't told me again that he needs to potty, but he did pee again when I put him on it. He still knows, but now he is testing it, we just have to keep reinforcing going on the potty, nothing happens over night!

11:20 am, Morning is our TV time, maybe Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street has been distracting. I noticed Johnny holding himself and dancing a little while watching TV so I took him to the potty and he peed a lot! The TV is off.

This is Johnny playing with his "reward." We don't offer candy or anything just because I am not sure his mind can relate the reward with potty. But these silk flowers are from our wedding and are in a glass cabinet in the bathroom, Johnny always asks to play with them so I only let him after he goes pee pee on the potty.

11:30 am, It appears my TV theory was correct. Johnny just ran by me, sitting at the computer, yelling "MOMMA POTTY" right to the bathroom, climbed up and went poo poo! But he was so excited to see and say "bye bye" to his poo poo that he got off the potty and I thought he was done. A few minutes later he ran past me again yelling "POTTY" and sat down again to pee pee! Like he was trying to hold everything in until his shows where over.

Saying bye bye to his poo poo! (yes I am keeping the camera in the bathroom, this is all very exciting)

3 pm, After a great two hour nap his training pants where wet, but dryer then yesterday and he peed on the potty right after he woke up. Then Mommy tried to stay upstairs and put away cloths for the last hour and Johnny wasn't having that. Without mommy's full attention he just wasn't happy, he started to yell "potty" every five minutes to get my attention, knowing I would come running. This being just the second day I kept coming to him, but we set up the bathroom so that he can now get on the toilet by himself, but he still asks for help to get Mommy's attention. And no accidents this afternoon, he is doing great, if a little side tracked!

6 pm, I am a little confused on where we are at right now. After his last pee at 3 pm I tried to give him the opportunity to tell me that he needed to go. I asked him often and the answer was always "no." When Daddy came home around 5 pm, Daddy took him to the potty and he peed, but only a little. Then around 5:45 as we where eating dinner he asked to go potty, and peed again only a little, I think that was more to get out of sitting in his high chair. As far as I can tell he has not had any accidents, but when I clean up the toys tonight I fear I will find a pee corner!

I was going to wait until Thursday to put his underwear on him, but maybe we will try tomorrow so I can really see how much he is holding and how much he is just letting out when he doesn't want to bother with the bathroom. He knows where to put the pee pee and poo poo, it is time to move forward.

6:20 pm, while climbing on and kissing Daddy Johnny told him "potty poo poo" He then peed a good amount, but no poo poo. I am learning that there is no pee schedule, you never really know when he will need to go or how much he will need to pee. Yesterday was just so cut and dry, and today not so much...but he is still doing an amazing job!

6:45 pm, Johnny was sitting with Daddy on the couch watching Elmo's World and Daddy saw him acting suspicious and asked him if he needed to potty...Johnny said "watching Elmo's World." So we showed Johnny how to pause it and Johnny dragged Daddy to the potty where Johnny fully emptied his bladder! He is a good boy! See him hold his pee even when he doesn't want to leave what he is doing to use the potty itself.

Bath and bed and a diaper again for sleep.

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Grams said...

I think underwear is a great idea. You're both doing a great job.