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Monday, August 9, 2010

Healing VERY Well

This past week Johnny spent with his arm bandaged and mostly in the house playing dinosaur games, copying his sister and watching Go Deigo Go and Dora the Explorer. But Finally his rash is clearing up and his burn is nearly gone.

Not many people saw his burn when it was bad, we didn't take pictures and it was rapped constantly, but this is a beautiful sight! The burn itself is gone...Now what we have is sweet and tender new skin, replacing what was hurt.

This was the worst of it, a very large blister that popped itself immediately and was a large open wound for those first days. It is flat now with no scab. We saw the John's Hopkins Burn Center again today and for the last time. After some paper work issues the wonderful doctor said it looked beautiful and now we just have to keep stretching his hand open and keep it nice and moisturized. We have to keep our eyes open for scaring, since fiber like scar tissue can cause movement issues and it could take up to a year, but he is free and clear to be a normal kid again!
Lily's reflux is MUCH better as well, with the Zantac and Sammi's special vent air bottles. She is spitting up less, eating more and sleeping more soundly! Though she prefers the swing to her bassinet. We think we might even feel the beginning to a tooth!

Now Mommy has a sun burn (yes everyone thought it was very funny that I went to a burn center with a very obvious sun burn) and must heal herself....but like I have been saying for a week....life can finally get back to normal!

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Grams said...

Life is never"normal" with two little ones.