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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Months Old

Two months have flown by and our sweet Cupcake has settled very nicely into our precious family.

Johnny loves his little sister and shares his toys with her all the time.

We showed her off to our family in Ohio last week end. Here my cousin's daughter Aislynn who was VERY excited to hold Lily! It was so cute!

Sleeping in her own shade.

Getting kisses from Sammi girl, aren't they sweet? Sammi loves to give kisses to Lily! or maybe she just wants to take a bite out of her nose.
This is the moment we all thought about the next day when we learned Sammi had hand foot and mouth disease....but Lily is still protected with my anti bodies from the womb, she was the least likely kid to get it!

Mommy designed this cupcake hat just for Lily....

And Lily has been a wonderful model for Mommy's new knits and designs.

And look at that head control!
And those smiles that just keep getting bigger, we expected giggles any day now!

Though the past few weeks have been stressful and a little crazy, Lily hasn't stopped growing or being amazingly cute. We had her 2 month well baby appointment this morning.
She is
11 pounds and 7 ounces, 86th percentile...up 3 pounds from her birth weight.
21.75 inches, 49th percentile...up 1.25 inches from birth
14.96 inch head circumference, 51th percentile

I am so happy that she so on par...I was being to believe no child ever fit into these charts :) Even with her weight up to 86th, she is drinking only 4 ounces of formula (no more nursing) about every 4 hours, so she is right on track with about 24 ounces a day. One of the reason we stopped nursing was Lily's reflux issues. She was spitting up so much that we where having to refeed her formula after she spit up all the breast milk. She spits up at nearly every feeding and you must be really careful with her for over an hour after she eats, you can't even touch her belly too hard or the meal comes right back up. We tried putting rice cereal in her formula and any amount that would help her made the formula too thick to get out of the slow flow nipple and the faster nipple made her gag. So Dr. Siskind put her on Zantac. She gets .5 ml twice a day, and she will keep getting that until she out grows the dosage and hopefully she will also have out grown the reflux.

Lily also got her very first vaccines today! They made me very nervous, though Johnny never even had a fever with his vaccines. She got three shots and one oral dosage, so she is now protected from Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Hemophilus influenza, PCV-7, partially from Rotrovirus which needs a second shot. Of course she cried and I cried (watching the needle pierce tiny chubby baby flesh always bothers me) But she calmed down quickly and then fell back asleep!

Lily sleeps through the night sometimes and sometimes not. But mostly she gets a bottle around 6 and a bath around 7 and heads to bed and then will sleep until after midnight before she wants to eat again. She is sleeping less during the day and wanting to play a lot more! She is very attentive and smiles easily. She also is starting to coo and make little noises, mostly to Johnny and right after her bath as she is getting dressed for bed.

We have been getting a lot more frilly dresses (thanks Grams and Pops) for Lily as she gets ready to head into 3-6 month cloths and Mommy is designing knit bows to match and make her fancy and girly as possible. She has been a wonderful daily blessing and already you can start to see her fun little personality emerging.

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Grams said...

She gets smarter & prettier every day. We are so lucky to have you all