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Thursday, August 12, 2010


2 and a half years old! I should be buying 2T and start buying 3T...I should be settled nicely into the toddler section...BUT NOOOOOOOO I turned around and MY 2 and half year old now needs 4s and 5s.....that means we now shop in the boys department.

Yesterday Mommy had a wonderful shopping trip with Grams and Lily, but when I got home and started looking in Johnny's closet and realized he had been wearing the same cloths over and over again all summer and those were starting to looks small. He must have had a growth spurt and from one moment to the next he had no cloths that fit. I started panicking and almost cried...how did I let this happen? As I started figuring out what to cut out so we can buy new cloths Grams and Pops called and wanted to take us shopping. We went to Arundel Mills Mall and got some amazing deals thanks to no tax week!

And Lily just keeps getting more and more adorable! Daddy loves his little girl!!

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Jen said...

She is looking more and more like Johnny!