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Friday, August 20, 2010

We Were Busy...Last Week

There is my big boy dressed up in his big boy cloths to head off to the Bel Air BBQ Fest. We told him he was hansom and he kept putting his hands in the air saying "me handsome."

The last picture just caught me...I thought he was SO big here and so grown up...wow was I wrong...look at those chubby ankles :)

The BBQ fest was fun, but really only because we had our family and I got to dress up my babies.

Lily is SOOOOO pretty!

Only kids can go to a BBQ fest and eat pizza.

Daddy and Lily held out for the good stuff!

But Johnny would eat and share anything, especially with his kindred wild spirit cousin Sammi.

I took this picture one afternoon during Johnny's nap, so we can see all of his "friends."

Maybe not our best parenting choice but we bought Johnny this new Dinosaur Train set, out of the blue becuase he found it in the store and we couldn't take it away. It is one of the first toys that has been put out with his favorite TV show.

He was so sweet for days after we bought it, he LOVES it! Some how during lunch after we bought this he after ravioli without getting any sauce on his face, cloths or table!

Johnny doesn't really sing, he yells out random words that are in the song, too cute!

I know Lily is getting close to giving us a solid giggle! She is such a good baby and happy so often! She barely every cries!

The sweetness and innocence is over whelming, it makes me want to cry.

We wanted to put Johnny into a preschool program this year, but their aren't any for 2 year olds in our area, so instead we have been doing school time everyday after his nap and working on colors, shapes, numbers, letters and the like. We both really enjoy this direct focused time as Lily is still napping.

Johnny picks up on everything! When Lily isn't in her swing he tucks in his T Rex and when Lily is done with her bottle he "needs to feed teransouris."

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I gotta kiss those little cheeks now