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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This morning Papa and Mommy loaded up Johnny and Lily and headed off to White Marsh Mall to see Santa! When I I was telling Johnny we where going to go see Santa he became very concerned.

"We can't go see Santa, Momma. Santa lives in the North Pole, I not wanna go the North Pole."

After explaining to Johnny how Santa comes to visit to see good boys and girls he got really excited! He jumped up and down and all morning he kept repeating "see Santa next?"

Last year Johnny was very hesitant about Santa, he just didn't understand. But this year it is like all of the Christmas peices are coming together. He knew right where in the mall Santa would be and ran to him the moment we let him. He was still a little shy but giggled a lot and jumped up and down in place. Santa liked his hat and asked him what he wanted.

Johnny told Santa he wanted "LOTS OF TOYS" and he put his hands out as wide as he could stretch them. The he started to count the toys "one toy, two toy, three toy" He never really got to asking for dinosaurs he was just so excited. (But I think Santa knows about the dinosaurs! ) Johnny truly was a giddy little boy sitting on Santa's lap! It was perfect!

However when we left Santa, Johnny was very confused as to where his presents were. The look on his face as he looked through the decorations around Santa was very sad. In Johnny's mind Santa gives you presents and we went to see Santa so why didn't he get presents. He asked a few time "my toys?" But like a good little boy he is, he understood when we told him Santa would come to the house on Christmas and leave your toys. It was wonderful I think we may take he again, just because!

Johnny got an email from Santa!

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