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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chuckie Cheese Fun

This past week Johnny has been going through the post Christmas neediness. He has been very cuddly and wants us to do everything with him, he has a ton of pent up energy so we thought we would splurge and take a family trip to Chuckie Cheese.

This is not our first trip and won't be our last, so I tried to limit the pictures I am posting about it, but that is hard, we had such a fun time together.

We ate dinner before we got there so there was no need for pizza, JUST TONS OF GAMES!

Thanks to Grams and Pops for letting us break into their token stash, we used them all. Johnny played constantly for 2 full hours.

Quickly Johnny started to like the games that gave tickets more then just had a game. So our goal to earning as many tickets as possible started. It was really just fun to see how many we could get.

Just a little at a time....

Or maybe more then a little.

Even Lily got in on the excitement!

Lily tried the little games, and like the slide, but we where scared she could fly right off.

Her favorite game is still Daddy! He makes her smile and giggle no matter what, as soon as she sees his face. And Daddy loves to make her smile!!

Johnny also went back to the little kid toys, but he was nearly board by them, and I feel like he looks a little silly on this tiny carousel.

So in the end we earned 646 tickets! We where all VERY proud and excited to get to the counter and see what Johnny could get. Then Shawn and I took a long look at all the junk we could buy at the dollar store. It was a small moment when I was sad that Johnny wasn't going to get anything "good" for all of our "work" when I looked at his shinnying face and realized it had nothing to do with what he got, but how much fun we ALL had TOGETHER earning the tickets and playing games.

We picked out this Chuckie Cheese water squirter! Can you see that smile? It was like someone handed him the world.

Chuckie Cheese Water Squiter- 500 tickets
plastic spider- 100 tickets
2 silly straws- 40 tickets
plastic snake- 6 tickets
2 hours of hearing Johnny giggle like a mad man- PRICELESS!

and an ice cream cone to make this day the best day ever! (can you see Daddy kissing Johnny's head? I just love it when he does that)

This is one of those day I will remember in 15 years when they are slamming doors and storming to their rooms. My babies, I love them more then anything in the world.


Grams said...

Glad we could donate to the fun but that stash was supposse to be for FOUR kids. LOL Love the little red cheeks on Jack too. Thomas says Shawn needs another sweater

Mommy Jenni said...

every time Shawn puts on that sweater he says "I am going to wear the sweater that I always wear" :) You always know when Jack is having fun, he checks turn bright red, the reder the more fun he is having.