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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Puzzle Fun, and more

He might be crazy, but he is mine!

Did I mention that I love the crazy? Look at those eyes!!

Johnny loves puzzles right now, him and Daddy always spend time just the two of them right after he gets home from work, Johnny looks forward to it all day.

Shawn was teaching Johnny how to put the puzzles together, finding the corners and edges, then matching colors and pieces that go together.

Of course Johnny picked it up fast and didn't want to stop. He wanted to keep taking them apart and putting them back together.

Alllll done! So proud! He was almost amazed by the pictures that formed when he put the pieces together, like he didn't expect to see a lion, a hippo, or a giraffe and kept telling me that they where there so I would believe it.

While Johnny and Daddy put puzzles together I was on the phone with Grams to get a special surprise. Meet Minnie Mouse. My parents adopted this tiny fuzzy dog about 3 years ago and have trained and cared for her. Shawn and I have talked on and off about getting a dog for a while, we didn't want more poop in the house, God knows we don't need any more poop in the house. But Minnie Mouse is fully trained and really good with the kids. She is going to stay with us for a few weeks and if we all settle in together she can be our dog!

She doesn't want much, her bed, some pets and to know where the people are (she follows me around the house) I really love having her here, and so do the kids!

Now that Christmas is over and everyone has their warm weather knit stuff I have a new season to knit for, Spring! I am making this Crayon Caddy for fun, this sweater for Johnny's birthday, this sweater and this hat for Lily's 1st Easter, and this one for Johnny to match her. I love knitting!

We are hoping to get some snow tonight and maybe have a snow day tomorrow! Wish us luck :)

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