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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snow Day!

Maryland got just enough snow to close down schools. So really this shouldn't have affected us or been like any other day, except that Mommy got very sick last night. The Army, to our shock and amazement, let Daddy take a day of leave and come home to take care of us. So we had Daddy all day and a fresh layer of snow on the ground!

Lily and Mommy didn't really need to be outside for long, but we did anyway. Poor Lily was all bundled up and couldn't move...at all! Nor could we get her to bend in the middle, hence the awkward picture.

Daddy moved all of the snow from the drive way into one gigantic pile for Johnny to play in. I wish I had taken a video, his laugh was just outrageous and very contagious.

Then Daddy decided to teach Johnny how to build and throw a snowball.

That's right, get Daddy!

Or Daddy will get you! I don't think Johnny stopped laugh for a single minute!

Good shot big boy!Lily's first real snow, I am not sure she could even feel it in that suit.

But Daddy thought he would try something else to get Lily to like the snow....

BABY SNOW ANGEL!!! Johnny wouldn't lay down, he was getting very cold.

And the cure for a cold toddler, a cup of nice warm (not hot!) hot coco!!!

Despite being sick it was a nice day :)

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Grams said...

I'm sitting here smiling just thinking about them. Thanks for posting