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Monday, January 3, 2011

Lily is 7 Months Old

Another month gone and Lily is another month older. It has been a busy month and Lily keeps growing through it all. So lets see if Mommy can figure out just how much she has grown.

She gets around very well now, rolling and scooting and never stopping! She can/will no longer be contained. She hates all of the baby gear that keeps her in one place. She loved her swing at one point and now will not sit in it for more then a few minutes, she longs to be free and mobile

She loves her big brother! When ever she is on the floor, which is often, Johnny is right there next to her. They especially love playing nite nite and peek a boo. Johnny can make her laugh like no one else! and she makes him laugh just the same.

Johnny had been doing very well with being gentle with her, he learns quickly that he has to take care of her! He gives her her binky and brings her her toys, but he shares is more often then getting her hers.
Mommy continues to LOVE dressing her up. This month I found a little extra time to make her a this little poncho, it SHOULD last her a while. We have also been working on being more stable while sitting, less wobbling and less falling down.

On New Years Eve Lily gave up her carrier and climbed into her convertible car seat! I think she likes sitting up better and now Johnny can reach her, sometimes all you hear is the two of them giggling back and forth.

That little bit of blond red hair has started to really come in, at least enough for Momma to clip a bow right into her hair, and she left it alone! Plus she looks extra chimpmunky here, so cute. She also babbles "Dada" and "Papa"

And yes Lily's feet are yummy, just in case you where wondering. Lily's daily eating is starting to become more regular. She has three meals, and three bottles every day. She loves her puffs and her Num Nums, but she has started to feed herself anything she can! Green beans and potatoes mostly.

And here she is January 3rd 2011, 7 months old and closer to her first birthday then from her birth. She is more wiggly then ever, grabbing at whatever is within reach and never stopping. She brings happiness to anyone who sees her and will smile at each person a special smile just for them. She can be particular, but if you give her want she wants she will giggle and hug you and her sweet heart will be shown bright on her sleeve.

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Grams said...

Now she recognizes us too and it feels great to know that smile is just for us!