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Monday, November 3, 2008


Johnny went to see the doctor this morning, for a small rash and some cold symptoms that just wouldn't go away. The rash is nothing and should clear on it's own and the Nurse Practitioner said Johnny has allergies. I didn't think November was much of a month for allergies, but apperantly it is. He is suppose to start Zyrtic tonight. I am not very happy about it, such a strong medication that is suppose to make him drowsy and he is suppose to get it daily. I hope it will only be a week, until everything calms down and he can get off of it. But for now, if it makes him feel better I am all for that!

Oh by the way he is now 22 lbs and 29 inches!!!

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Jen said...

He is bigger than Anna and almost the same size as Bo! So sorry he is sick. I think Bo has the same problem :-(

THANK YOU so much for my mommy bracelet! I LOVE it!