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Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Johnny never tried to climb out of his crib! He loves his sleep and has always slept well at night, but he was just getting to big for his crib and in the last week he keeps sticking his feet throught the bars and getting them stuck. So we got him this special big boy bed. It is Step 2 and fits a twin size mattress. This should last him until he asks for an adult bed, hopeful 10 years old or so! It has storage underneath (yes we are teaching him to put stuff under his bed) and sides so high there is no chance he can fall out of it. Shawn put it together quickly and said it was really easy and good quality.

We got special dinosaur sheets and pillow cases and he is finally getting to use his blanket that Grams made him, Mommy and Daddy have been hording it for the past few months. And he has all of his friends ready for nite nite.

He can get in....

...and out of it all by himself!

Checking out the underneath storage, he didn't want to go in.

All ready for nite nite with his baby sister too. I cried as we walked out of the room, he has used that crib for over two years! I will miss it, but in a few months when Lily is too big for her bassinet, we will pull the crib out again and Johnny is ready to give it to his sister.

Bye Bye crib, Johnny is a big boy now.

But still just as adorable as ever!

He slept great all night and stayed in his bed (even though we had a removing bandage incident which Daddy smoothly handled.) In the morning he called for us as he always has and I had to coax him out of the bed, telling him it was okay.

Lily is eating a lot today, going through a growth spurt! She is now 8 weeks old....why are my children growing up? Getting so big so quick their lives are speeding past faster then I can think.


Grams said...

Perfect bed, perfect timing perfect little boy

Karrie said...

What a great bed! The transition from crib to "big kid" bed is rough and that bed is a wonderful solution. Wish we'd have had that when our kids were small.