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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lily Jean 4 Months


Papa bought this dress for Lily and we all loved it so much, there was no question what she should wear for these three month pictures.

Some of the most fun we have is when she is on the changing table, after her baths.

New special cupcake hair clip.

Lily falls asleep where ever she is, whenever she needs to, so we don't have to push naps with her too much.

While sleep Lily loves to be all wrapped up.

Johnny loves his sister more and more everyday and still shares everything he has with her.

Her new cupcake hoodie!

Playing and grabbing and putting everything in her mouth.

Lily Jean Jelly Bean (Lily Bean for short.) She is the one of the happiest babies ever, she smiles whenever she sees your face and follows you with her eyes where ever you go. And her smile takes up her entire face and includes beautiful dimples under her eyes!

She has been playing more lately rattles and crinkle toys mostly.

What a strong Daddy.

When Lily was first born we where sure Samantha didn't like her, but she really does now and LOVES to play with her and come over for visits.

Lily girl is so amazing! She can her head up and even bears all of her weight very well, all you have to do is balance her.

At 4 Months Old, Lily Jean Branson is
14 Pounds and 10 ounces which is 58th percentile
25 Inches tall which is 65th percentile
her head is 16.34 inches which is 55th percentile

Her weight percentile has gone down! Her legs are very chubby but she is perfect and right on track in every way!

At her Well Baby Appointment she received 4 vaccines:
Pediarix- for Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, and Hep B
HIB- for Hemophilus influenza
Prevnar- for PCV-7
Rotarix- for Rotovirus

Lily is sleeping through the night and often only wakes up once for a bottle, from about 7:30 pm to 7:00 am! She still doesn't need to be rocked to sleep, but falls asleep on her very easily, as long as she is truly tired.

Her daily schedule is loose, but goes about like this:
7:00 am wake up
8:00 am 6 ounce bottle
10-11 am nap
1 pm- 6 ounce bottle
2-5 pm- nap
6 pm- 6 ounce bottle and a little rice cereal
7:30 pm bath (most nights)
then right to bed!

She plays in her gym and in the Rainforest bouncer. She loves reading books with Johnny in my lap. She is very wiggly! She nearly never stops moving and it is hard to cuddle with her or hold her for long amounts of time. Already she seems to want to be on her own.

I think we got too lucky again, Lily is sweet and smart and almost never cries (though she does whine kinda often.) We are so lucky and happy!

Ella holding Lily who is wearing a sweat suit that was Ella's. WOW they are both huge!

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Vanessa said...

Hi! I’m a new follower to your blog and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading it. You're kids are really cute. Thanks for letting me share your life.