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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rennisance Fair 2010

We look forward to the Renn Fair all year long. This is one of those few things Shawn and I look forward to for ourselves, for us it is more of an adult event, knife throwing, mead, lots of shopping and some food that is very bad for you. We took the kids with us becuase we wanted to dress them up with not a lot of thought as too how much they would fun they would have. But when we got there Shawn and I realized we didn't have much interest in our normal things, we went looking for the play ground and anything Johnny wanted to do!

I worked really hard on this chain mail sweater for Johnny, it still isn't perfect, but I think it turned out great, the little belt really made it work.

Our sweet little fairy princess! In her tutus and wings.

Ahh turkey legs, the best part of Renn Fair.

Johnny got a new sword and holster so he really looked like a knight.

The highlight of the day was this elephant ride, Johnny giggled the entire time!

Look how happy and sweet!

And playing some games.

Grams made me this cape, doesn't it look amazing? Shawn has one too!

Preparing to attack....

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