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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Growing Again and Being So Smart

What is with the kids and the growing up? Why can't they just stay tiny forever? A distant friend from high school just had her first baby yesterday, and even though we haven't talked in years, through the joy of Facebook and Twitter I was able to follow her labor and delivery and see a picture of the tiny bundle of cuteness with in his first day. I was so happy for my old friend, but at the same time I realized how OLD my baby boy is and it overwhelmed me. Then I kept thinking, Piper will be born in just 3 days! And Lily will no longer be the baby of the family, she is big too! I am very excited to have a new niece, but I don't want to think about the fact that Lily is really no longer a newborn. She is on the fast track to being a big girl in no time! What happened? When did they get old? I feel like I make this revelation every few months, it just doesn't hit me and I don't really want it to.

Johnny LOVED this bouncer when he was a baby, but didn't get a lot of use, Lily is loving it too and spends a little time each day bouncing to her heart's content.

My cupcake has been bearing weight so well and wants to be standing more then anything else, she doesn't have any balance on her own, but I get scared thinking of her walking.

She seems to never stop smiling! Such a happy sweetheart.

Johnny wanted to play too and Lily thought he was crazy, he might be.

Johnny showed Mommy how smart he was this morning when I pulled out his color animal matching puzzle cards for the first time. We mixed them up and put animals on one side and colors on the other, without a second thought he started putting the animals with the matching color block! It was like he had been playing this game for months.

We still need to work on color names, but animals and their sounds and being able to match the color of the animal with a color block and putting the two together was no problem.

Green frog, ribbit ribbbit.

I have a video too, but blogger won't let me upload it, check my facebook page and I will try to upload here again later.


Grams said...

Cupcake, they remind me so much of you but on the other hand they are each so individual.Good Times

Natalie said...

HAHAHAH! I love when Johnny says "no pictures of me, pictures of Wiwwee!" I laughed aloud, which is not good since I am at work :)Thanks for sharing!