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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

There we are, our sweet little family, loving fall and each other.

Johnny REALLY loves his little sister, though he might be confused between her and a lolly pop.

We headed up to the Pumpkin Patch on what should have been a nice cool October Saturday with Grams, Pops, Uncle Tommy, Ella and Sammi. It turned out to be a hot day, but we still have a great day!

All the kids always love playing together.

This little hay maze was great! The kids started by just running in and around, but by the end Johnny was looking and thinking very deeply about how to get around it.

Johnny got a little stuck and almost freaked out, but I was so proud at how he thought his way through it all. All day I was worried he was sad and I tried to feed him as soon as I could, but he as just thinking! Realizing where pumpkins and food come and so much more.

Lily was loving some special time with Grams as the big kids ran around, is that smile just over whelming? and look at how happy Grams is, this is one of my all time favorite pictures. And just so everyone can uh and aww, Grams made this adorable dress for Lily! Halloween Cupcakes and a dress that looks better then if we got it in a store!

During the VERY bumpy hay ride Lily curled up tight against Daddy and clutched her dress, but didn't cry out at all! Daddy kept talking about the Dennison women (or Penney women) ability to withstand physical pain very well.

Samantha LOVED the hay ride, often laughing and clapping. Johnny wanted to hold my hand and stay stiff.

When we got to the pumpkin patch Johnny was very interested in the pumpkins and learning that this is where they come from. You could just see the wheels in his mind working as he processed what it all meant.

The open pumpkins laying around really got to him, with all the seeds out. He learned a lot today.

LOOK, his perfect pumpkin!

Johnny wanted to carry it himself so badly and actually kept looking for a pumpkin small enough, but he never found one and this came home with us.

I really wanted to get some great pictures of Lily in her special dress around the freshly growing fall pumpkins.

Oh my it is so adorable and just the way I had it in my mind!

Though Johnny didn't want me to take any pictures of him, he sat still and sweet for me.

They all had a great time!
Especially being together!

Samantha LOVING the hay ride back, even as the rest of cling to each other and fear falling off.

Johnny "held onto his pumpkin" nice and tight.

As a Dennison family tradition we headed out for ice cream, Johnny is always so good at sharing.

We got some great pumpkins and some fresh squash for Lily's first food. It was a great fun day!

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