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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bye Bye Pack and Play

Reacting to the latest formula recall (that thankfully we where not affected by) I have been spending the last two weeks searching the internet for any other recalls that do affect us. I discovered that our special, and expensive, Fisher Price Rainforest Portable Play Yard was recalled back in January of 2009. So per the recall instructions I cut the cloth sides off and prepared them to be sent back to the company for a full refund check to be spent to us in 8-12 weeks. The rest of the play yard (minus the mattress, which we kept) was set out for the garbage men this morning.

Taken from another blog on this recall.

When I was pregnant with Johnny back in 2007 and 2008 we registered for this and got it at our shower! Living in my parents house this was going to be Johnny's nursery. Bassinet and changing table all in one! It was really wonderful and was one of our most useful and favorite baby items.

Be 8 months pregnant taking pictures so Daddy in Iraq could see how we where set up.

Johnny got a ton of use out of this with the three months at Grams and Pops house as well as the many trips we made. But the past few trips when we used this we started having trouble with the sides not staying up and randomly or easily collapsing. Wyatt and Samantha also both used this porta crib at different times and noticed the same problem. We wheren't using it much any more and I assumed the issue was because of the heavy use we had put this through. But it wasn't our fault! It was a design flaw and over 60 injuries have occurred. When I think that any of my beautiful children or nieces or nephew could have suffocated in our play yard becuase I didn't keep up with recalls it makes me shake.

I have kept searching the internet and going through each item we use for Lily or items we have given for Piper, or anything else that anyone else I know has and making sure each item is safe. I have found more recalled items then I would like to say. We knew our crib had TWO recalls on it and required two different repair kits, aside from that there was nothing else major and nothing else that posed an immediate risk. But I have regained a first time mother fresh intent to do everything perfect. I am disinfecting toys and sleeping next to Lily as she sleeps in the swing (she has some congestion and can't seem to sleep laying down flat.) I just love my kids and I fear I became to relaxed in the blessing that they are. I don't know what I would do with one of those blessings was recalled.

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Grams said...

What we thought was a splurge getting the pack & play ended up being a necessity LOL. Great Times!