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Friday, December 31, 2010

High Hopes for 2011

At the end of every year I think about how great the next year will be. I usually make a list in some random note book of all the things I am going to do, then I promptly lose the list and forget all my plans. This year I have no choice, there are children depending on me to make life as great as possible and give them every opportunity for a wonderful year. It isn't fair to them for me to fail at anything. So here is my list for 2011, if I put it on the internet I can't ignore it :)

*Lose 60 pounds to be healthier, have more energy and like the way I look
*Give up soda, even diet isn't good for anyone
*Get to the gym 4 times a week, usually right after the kids go to bed
*Knit and create a stock, make a small profit off of my Etsy shop
*Pay off our debt!
*Start a workable budget!
*Start a saving account!
*Go back to school!
*Focus on reading to the kids and teaching them skills for school, Johnny may even start a preschool program at the Y.
*I will never forget it, but I want to add it, the most important thing we will ever do is to make sure our kids know how much they are loved! That is something I think about everyday, that is something I have no doubts of!

It seems like I have taken everything I should already be doing and put them on a list to do next year, but I feel as if this year things will finally come together. No moves or new babies, just life. Also most of these are already in progress, like the diet and school. We have a great life and everything we could ask for, so now it is time to grow up a little more and really take life by the horns!


Grams said...

Sounds relistic/ You've always been able to do what you set your mind to!

Eden said...

Nice list Jen. I know you will be successful because of the determination you have when you really put your whole heart and mind into it. I'll be routing for you! Love you guys!