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Monday, December 8, 2008

All Packed Up

Here we go!!!! Currently I am sitting on the floor surronded by boxes writing on the lab top. EVERYTHING is in boxes all over the place. The movers were here for a very long time today and me and Johnny watched them wrapped up everything. For some reason preparing for this trip makes it really feel like Christmas for me, like it hasn't in years. Shawn makes fun of me and my childhood memories :) But it went well today...some times annoying but so far nothing is broken and everything fits.

Johnny did not like being confiended today. We went shopping for mommy christmas cloths (ps not as fun as when I was 17, i just don't want to worry about it any more) and he was angry at being in the stroller after being held all day and then went kinda hyper when we got home and he got free, the giggles where the best!!! So look for more and some pictures in a few days :)

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