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Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Back Swaddler

So last month, we took away the swaddler and tried to get Johnny to sleep in a sleep sack, like a normal 8 month old...silly mommy and daddy. We had been struggling a lot lately, he has been waking every hour at night and only 30 minutes during naps. Last night he woke up at 10:30 after being put down at 8, was swaddled and slept until 5:30!!!!!!!! So he is just a person who likes to be tight and covered, when he goes to regular blankets he will just enjoy being covered and tucked in tight....just another little bit of personality.

Johnny has also been very very playful lately. We have this game where mommy or daddy take his pacifier and put it in our own mouth (backwards) he thinks this is hilarious, then he grabs at it, laughing, until he gets it then, some times, pretends to put it back in our mouth then quickly puts it in his own...he loves this. He also chases the puff container from one side of the table to another, cruising around the table and then sitting on his heals (wow how strong) He is also enjoying itsey bitsey spider and patty cake. We have been focusing on "soft discipline" saying and signing "stop" mostly to keep him away from the computer or cords. He really has been catching on to it. So we aren't such bad parents...we are figuring it all out...as we go ;)


Jen said...

Mine were swaddled until the time they were born (the NICU kept them swaddled ALL the time) until about 4 months. I think, my memory of those early months are fuzzy! We stopped when they would bust out and went to sleepsacks. Now they just blankets. No need to rush things for Johnny. I am sure it makes him feel secure and feels like being held. Mine love to chase things from one side of the table to the other. The sign for NO is always being done in my house! I am sure they will start doing it soon enough!

Grams said...

We can make up some big boy sized leg swaddlers when you get here.It seems to me Ella was swaddled when she was 2.