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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Made it to Maryland

We are home.  Traffic was really great and it is wonderful to be home.  We had a great dinner and now mommy gets to work out and we all get to spend some well deserved time together.  Johnny was happy to see his Grams and Papa and his cousin Ella, already playen free and crusen around the rooms.  Many thanks to Aunt Cookie for letting us stay at her house last night, even though we watched the Browns lose....again.  We will be headed back to Ohio on Christmas day to visit and play some more.

Now that we are here baby Wyatt can be born!!! Michele will be induced on Monday if she doesn't go into labor before hand.  He will be here before Christmas and we are so very excited, Michele looks great but of course feels pretty crapy.  I didn't think I would be this excited, but I can't wait to see my beautiful nephew.


Jen said...

Glad you made it home!

Tim and Tara said...

Tell the East coast hi for me! Glad you made it home hon, enjoy all the family time!

Anonymous said...

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