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Friday, December 26, 2008

More Pictures

It was amausing that Wyatt bought the exact same toy for John Robert that John Robert bought for him :)
Grams and Pops and their grandkids...to date :)

Charlie and his new precious son right after he was born

Our little family enjoying our first chrismtas together

John Robert showing interest in cousin wyatt

Cousin Wyatt...in the hat and blanket I made, though I must say it is warm, the one his mommy made for him is very pretty...john robert is waiting for his :)

Thanks to my brother Thomas for the pictures (and a few from Char) but you can see all his pics and a lot more of baby wyatt and our Christmas here

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Tim and Tara said...

You changed your hair! :o) Everyone looks so happy, glad you had such a fun filled holiday! Ours is tonight actually, I'll make sure Kat wears that hat her Auntie made her!