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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Made it to Illinois

Highly enjoying his new toy from Great Grandma Storm.

Opening presents

Playing with Snookie. They really get along, it was so cute that Johnny would play tug o war with this dog just his size.

Walking for Great Grandma.

Thanking great grandma Storm for all of her presents. Grandma Sharon also got him a lot of Dr. Suess books!!! He is very spoiled!!!
After a 12 hour drive we finally made it to Bolingbrook. Johnny did very well in the trip, he slept most of the trip. The car was crazy packed, but we finally said good bye to Kansas...for good.....yeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
Now we are in Illinois for the next 5 days and it is nice to be around family and Johnny is having a good time as his Aunt cuddles him and his Grandma and Great Grandma go on and on about how adorbale he is.


Jen said...

Glad you made it! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Tim and Tara said...

Glad you made it to IL okay :o) Have fun with your family... let me know when you get to MD so I can get your new addy!!

Grams said...

Looks like he and great grandma have become great friends very quickly!