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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Baby Wyatt Thomas Dennison

Visiting the hospital John Robert was being sweet and cuddled with Aunt Natalie

Again at the hospital John Robert getting a ride from Daddy

At Grams and Pops house at our Christmas eve party.

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa

Santa's work is all done
Exactly what John Robert asked for, a Rocking Gorse complete with keepsake plaque so he can always remember his first Christmas gift.

Opening books with Daddy.

Opening his musical duck, Santa did a bad job picking out paper that did not rip, so Johnny had a rough time opening his presents, we all think Santa will do better next year...and never eat pizza again :(

His favorite gift, his own little lab top so he can sit next to daddy as he games and plays (Santa brought daddy a specialized keyboard for his games and new digital camera for Mommy)

Enjoying his keepsakes.

Playing in the unripable paper.


OH MY GOD!!! What a crazy few days. I don't even know where to begin. I guess it would start if you would look at http://babydennisonmd.blogspot.com/, here you will see a few pictures and the story of the birth of our new precious nephew. Baby Wyatt Thomas Dennison was born on December 23rd at 5:54 am via C-section at 8 lbs 6 ozs and 21 inches!!!!! He looks a lot bigger then he feels. He is beautiful and his mommy and daddy are so happy and we are feel very blessed.

We spent the past few days visiting in the hospital and preparing for Christmas. It felt like we were waiting for Wyatt to be born that when he was we where like....oh my god Christmas is tomorrow!!!! Christmas eve felt great. We visited the hospital and opened presents with Charlie, Michele and Wyatt, then we all came back to Grams and Pops house and had a special party. Our past came to life through sheet pizza, chicken and joe joes, and family time. We opened presents and sung carols. It all was so much fun, then we went to church. John Robert really enjoyed all the extra attention since everyone loves him, though he didn't make it till church since it was not until 9. But the Furnivals (Natalie's family) was visiting and spent our family traditions with us.

Johnny really did enjoy his first Christmas, These are times Mommy and Daddy will never forget!!! Johnny got a rocking horse, Christmas books, a microphone and art supplies. He went right for his stocking on the floor and the puffs sitting next to it (Santa tends to go over board in this house)

I wish I had more words for you, but I feel drained and over overwhelmed. I truly am filled to the brim with loved and happiness. I had missed my Christmas spirit, but this year I found a new one, watching Johnny open his presents and play with them, watching Ella dance around and sing carols and holding a new born babe and kissing baby faces of all kinds. My life is new this year and every day I love it more. Tomorrow we head to Ohio to visit with Penneys and Dennisons alike, This trip completes our Christmas season and when we come home we have 4 years of family and happiness!!! I feel like this is the year the bransons have lost their minds...we have been forgetting stuff, eating stuff, losing stuff, breaking stuff and being late for everything!!! Thanks to a patient family we had a great clumsey Christmas :)

John Robert opening his First Christmas stocking!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!


Jen said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Tim and Tara said...

Sounds like a blast! Merry Christmas sweetie! Hug the Johnny and the Hubby for us!

Anonymous said...

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