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Monday, February 9, 2009

double the infection, double the fun

Our poor little monkey has a double ear infection, his very first ear infection. Shawn took him to see his new pediatrician this morning and that was what they said. He has his pink chalky medicine twice a day and Tylenol when his fever spikes (102 this morn) It is all very exciting I know. :) Johnny doesn't seem to be very effected really, he shakes his head back and forth and can't sleep (since he then coughs himself awake) His babbles are horse and his nose runs into his mouth. But he is running around, eating anything and tearing apart nicely put away cloths, books and toys. He will be just fine!


Natalie said...

Poor Johnny! Kisses from aunt natny

Tara said...

That's the best thing about little boys, they just keep trucking along! What a good little man!! Kisses from Kat and Auntie Rhi!

Grams said...