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Friday, February 13, 2009


Johnny's room...changing table becomes a bookshelf and Momma's teenage papazan chair becomes a baby soothing station! This is what Momma is trying to get done today, there are boxes in the upstairs hallway!
However Johnny believes that Momma is torturing him by not playing with him this moment

Momma has felt so bad and sat down with Johnny but he is still angry...no tears though

Momma is ticking and playing with me but I am angry Momma you tried to clean!

Okay I forgive you
This is our day :)
The downstairs looks wonderful but we have neglected the upstairs. It is coming along.
Johnny will be going to Ohio this week end to visit Grandpap Dennison who is back in the hospital in Ohio. Johnny is going with Grams and Pops, Ella, Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Chel and Wyatt. Mommy and Daddy are staying behind this week end. We are praying for Grandpap since his heart isn't very Strong and with all of the meds he has been on, he now may have an ulcer. But he is strong and happy for the most part. I am scared to let Johnny go...not that he won't be in amazing hands and have a wonderful time...but I will miss him so much...I can't even explain my heart already misses him and he is just asleep upstairs. We have never been apart from him this long and we know it will effect us much more then him! And if there was ever a reason or group of people to do this with, it is perfect. To go and make Grandpap feel a little better and spend some time with his grams and Papa and cousins. And giving momma and dadda and chance to be together and get some hard core work done.

Aside from that Johnny is feeling very much better!!! He is sleeping great again and his nose has slowed down it's running...he hasn't had a fever in two days and just seems to have better spirits. He gets excited when Shawn comes home from work...actually running to the door and yelling "dadadadadadadadadadadadada!" it is wonderful to see and it makes Shawn so happy! Johnny really is his own person more and more every day. He will sit and read books, but would prefer to be exploring, walking randomly and pulling anything out of everywhere. Our house is a mess, but he is so happy and getting smarter. Even with no teeth he is taking bites of food and chewing like teeth are really in there. He eats like a horse! and is still getting bigger. We recently cleaned out his closet again and discovered he needs 18-24 month cloths and had to go shopping. He walks everywhere and barrels threw what he can't pick up. I wish I could find words for everything he is doing and how much he has grown. It scares me....I feel like he has always been like this, but then again I feel like it was last week when I was afraid he wouldn't crawl. I wish I could find words for the person that he is, this amazing smart, funny, energetic person who needs his family and loves just to be able to see things from a new point of view. It is amazing. Before he was born I thought it would be easy to document all of his first and words and steps and growths, but he is doing so much so fast all at once that I am lost in a whirl wind of what he can do....Grams and Pops watched him stand up from sitting with nothing to stand up with just yesterday. I miss him and I love him and tomorrow he gets his first chocolate.

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