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Friday, February 13, 2009


I bet you didn't even know I lost it, but that is what happens when there are boxes EVERYWHERE!!! But here is a run down from the past few weeks and moving in.

Hey he fits in a sink...who would have thought...
These are our friends. Jeff is putting and Chloe (daughter) is far left, then Ella and then Johnny, during a visit to our firend's house, all the kids where very taken in by Jeff's amazying golf skill.
Johnny enjoying no furniture in our new living room.

Grams giving Johnny a bottle and a nap in the empty dinning room while we where preparing the house for the furniture.Papa making our kitchen baby proofed
Johnny has hit his stage of wanting to eat what everyone else is...so see his first pizza (crust only) I know what you are thinking...he has no teeth, you crazy parents he will choke...but you would be wrong...yes no teeth, but it didn't stop him from taking bites with his amazying gums and eating that pizza crust like a 6 year old!!!!Sitting on boxes
Momma's empty craft room

Playing with Daddy who taught him how to hit the ball with the bat!
Baby's room with furinture and boxes!!

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Grams said...

Thanks for the update. Even though I get to see you I still enjoy reading about it. The new blog look is great too. My favorite is the stream "IT'S FORMULA NOT RAT POISON" HaHaHa!!!