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Friday, February 27, 2009


I have been struggling with making official mother like decisions lately. Largely I follow my instincts and things turn out great....but when it comes to things like vaccines it is hard for me...so much is at risk. Johnny is on the recommend AAP vaccine schedule, we didn't delay or split up anything and it has worked out great for us...however that is not true for everyone. Here is a website I took from Mac's blog (see side bar) ( thanks Mac's mom :)


Ian died of a sever reaction to the Hep B vaccine which is recommend to be given before the child leaves the hospital. This is a 1 in 1.1 million chance...but it happened and it scares the crap out of me. Be careful when you look at this page...the pictures of this adorable perfect little boy can be hard to see.
On the same website the mother of Ian who lost her son to a vaccine posted an article from Newsweek about the lack of trust in AAP and the vaccine schedule.


I thought it was very insightful. Ian's mom wrote "Parents-please pay attention to both sides of the topic, your child's life could count on it!" Though this article focuses on the autism scare, it has the same effect for all vaccines. I don't want to follow blindly anything when it comes to Johnny, I want questions answered and information given and found...but on that same note I need to be able to trust scientist and pediatricians that they have my child's and all children s best interests in mind and that they "recommend" what is truly best from all angles. I can't imagine Johnny not being able to show his true intelligence because he came down with autism because I didn't know enough about vaccines, but also I can't imagine him dieing of a preventable disease because I didn't let him get a vaccine because I was afraid of a autism.

On the same note is the BPA scare that came to light a few weeks after Johnny was born. How am I supposed to know what chemicals will leach into my son's food and how those will effect him without people who know what they are talking about...people get paid to know and research these things. The BPA was easy, we switched bottles (now thank goodness most companies are removing the BPA without being told to) but delaying vaccines is much harder and fighting with your pediatrician is not fun, especially when they are military officers.
Here are my facts as I see them. While researching vaccines it is hard to pull fact from people who are stretching stats and using very persuasive language. My son is healthy, I am blessed.

Added two hours after original post

I was reading more and there are families who are homeschooling their kids in order to avoid vaccines all together...this thought makes me panic a little...what do they know that we don't. Home schooling is such a big undertaking and changes children's lives in so many ways. We had thought about it, but I don't trust me enough :) (i got the rest of this info off the above blog from Ian's voice website, I can't understand the loss, but I can understand the position)


Natalie said...

I agree Jen that it is a really tricky choice. Ella was on a delayed schedule with a follow-up regimen of homeopathics. Did this make a difference? You can't tell, that's the problem. I am trying to figure out if it is worth the fight with the Pediatricians to put Sam on a delayed schedule--plan on reading the Dr. Sears book and going from there. Still plan on using the homeopathics since they can only help. We just have to do the best we can and pray for the health and safety of our kids!

Jen said...

I read and follow Dr. Sears Alternative Vax Schedule. I did this more many reasons, one of is them being born 8 weeks early. It is a choice that only a parent can make. I was lucky enough to find 2 Pediatricians that agreed with me (my old one and current one). It is a very tricky subject and one most don't want to talk about.

Mommy Jenni said...

I can understand your three Jen, Early birth lows immune systems, and people like Ian's brother, whose family has a history of vaccine reactions...I am sure there are many other children and families who need the options. I hope the AAP and CDC see that. We are lucky but not every family is.

Anonymous said...

Just read about that poor little baby Ian. How tragic. Although, the doctors said he wasn't having a vaccine reaction. Why is that woman saying it is? Just spreading fear I guess. I always vaccinate on time just like you, I never miss an appointment. My baby has NEVER had any problems. It scares me when I hear that other parents don't vaccinate according to the schedule ALL doctors say we should. Don't they know how risky that is and how it could put other children at risk, also? Ever heard of herd immunity?

Zoe V said...

There is a risk whether you vaccinate or not. Being born in Eastern Europe in the 80s I didn't have the same vaccines that babies in America get. I was never vaccinated for Hep B. I never get the flu vaccine either. Some friends who get the flu shot still get sick even though they were immunized.

As for my 3 month old son, I signed a paper clearly stating NO Hep B shot upon his birth. I was asked a few times before we were discharged and I declined politely. He still has not gotten any shots and I am going to wait until I have a full understanding of each vaccine. My first pediatrician wanted to vaccinate and I dropped her since she was not flexible and helpful in making the right decision for Denzin. Now I am going to another pediatrician who is much more flexible and allows me to choose what I want to do with vaccines.

No parent should be pressured into vaccinating their child without full undestanding of the risks. Had Ian's mom known about the risks of Hep B vaccine she might have declined the shot and Ian may be alive today.

Knowledge is power!