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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Iky, messy, clingy...that is my life

Johnny fell asleep in my arms today so I layed him down on the couch next to me and it was adorable!! It has been so long since I have watched him sleep like this. Don't worry I was sitting directly next to him the entire time! He slept here for a full hour!I touched him and he cured up like a bug.

He has taken to a few of his books. One being "five little ducks" and the other being this cookie monster book(both given to him by Papa)...he brought it to me to read to him and then read it to me :) not out loud though (and yes that is a cookie monster shirt he is wearing!)

Johnny has been a clingy monkey since Shawn left, here is Johnny playing right under my legs (normally he walks around or plays in the ball pit or something) He needed to be close to me

Here again, right up from his nap and not wanting to be put down or leave my side he is leaning his full weight on my leg.I just love the monkey on the butt of this outfit!

So Shawn will be home in three days and we miss him a lot!!! I seem to have a slight head cold, just enough to drain the energy I need for the extra chores around the house and make me feel iky. But it is no big deal. Johnny is extra needy without Shawn here and the special time he would normally get with him. He still doesn't want to be held, but wants constant interaction and to be close by all the time...i must say I need it too, so it is okay!

Johnny got some special food the last few days. I made rosemary chicken, baby style (that is boiled and mashed with chicken stock) and he really loves it. We also started yogurt again (last time it upset his tummy a lot) and he loves that too, actually couldn't get the vanilla in his mouth fast enough and no belly problems.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the first day of lent, we are headed to church with Grams and our family.

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Jen said...

So sweet! I love the pictures!